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Suttle Lake, OR | February 2022

A hidden gem on the East side of the Cascades mountain range, Suttle Lake is along the highway on Santiam Pass.

I was pleasantly surprised by this trip. It is really refreshing to see some of Oregon's older camp spots adding in entertainment and craft services to bring a cozy and fun vibe to the whole experience. The Lodge at Suttle Lake offers wonderful, locally sourced meals and delicious themed cocktails. In the summer there is regular live music as well as a Brewery along the boat docks and boat rentals.

If you dress warmly enough, you can sit along the banks of the icy lake and see the family of playful otters swimming along and sunbathing on logs. The cabins are sparse but cozy and ours had the most beautiful view of the lake from the front deck.

My husband and I were lucky enough to book a tour with Wanderlust Tours, based out of Bend, and go for a moonlight snowshoe tour in the Hoodoo Ski Area. They picked us up and we hiked along in the snow to a sky full of stars and ended at a bonfire to share cups of cocoa with other guests (spiked with delicious Crater Lake Espresso Hazelnut Vodka). We had the friendliest guide and I definitely caught a Wanderlust bug listening to his stories and experiences living out of Bend and guiding all of the fun tours they offer. (Unfortunately, I took no photos of this tour, I was too distracted by the stars in the sky... and the vodka!)

We experienced sunny (but very cold) weather that was a delight after all of Portland's rain through out January. We will be back to Suttle Lake again - hopefully for live music listened to from the kayaks, basking in the sun of Central Oregon.

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