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Record Snow Fall, February 2023 - A Photo Diary

We aren't immune to snow in Oregon - we usually get a dusting every year. It is almost never on Christmas and usually lands right when everyone is ready for the sun to start shining. My family and I however, never feel like there is enough snow. It makes everything more magical.

This was record snowfall for Portland - they second most amount of snowfall in a day since 1943. And naturally it caused incredible chaos - we just aren't used to that much snow! But up here at a House on Brighton, we aren't ready for it to melt yet!

The first morning, Rusty and I hiked out to the field down the road to catch the sunrise, and it did not disappoint. Now, March 1st, school has been cancelled again due to the ice, we are making crafts, chocolate chip muffins and enjoying the last bit of sledding (probably until next Winter).

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