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The Daily Routine of a Blogger with Two Toddlers

You might be reading this because you want to start a blog. Maybe you are stuck at home with your kids and trying to figure out what you will do next. I am here to share my routine - that of someone attempting to start a blog while home with my one year old and three year old. Every post I have come across is of a blogger that is well established and their routines look so nice and successful. But how did they get there? Did they do it while home with their kids? At what point did it become successful and what part of their day was the successful part? I'm here to show you what my journey looks like TODAY and hopefully in one year from now, I will be writing a routine post that looks completely different!

5:30 - Get up with my one year old, let the dog out

5:40 - Coffee and snuggles; make a to do list for the day

Every day changes and I am not perfect. I attempt to blog every day and sometimes I don't get it

done, or the idea changes.

6:00 - Breakfast for one year old and more coffee

7:00 - Get up 3 year old; more coffee

7:30 - Make breakfast for 3 year old and put 1 year old down for his first nap

7:40 - Get dressed, eat something small

8:00 - Sit down and blog for a bit, search for content, read the news, brainstorm and make more lists.

8:30 - Workout

9:00 - 1 year old gets up from nap, get kids dressed for day

10:00 - Run errands (if applicable - If not, play outside, play inside, house chores)

12:30 - Return home and make lunch

1:00 - Both kids down for a nap

1:15 - Sit down and blog, search for content, post to social media

1:45 - House chores

2:15 - Take small break before kids get up from nap

2:45 - Play with the kids or go for a walk

4:00 - Work a little on the blog while kids play or watch a show

4:45 - Prep dinner

5:15 - Feed 1 year old dinner

6:00 - Dinner for family

6:30 - Bath for 1 year old

7:00 - Put 1 year old to bed

7:15 - One on one time with 3 year old; clean up dinner; office work for husband's business

8:00 - Put 3 year old to bed

8:15 - Finish cleaning up house, take dog out

9:00 - Get ready for bed and watch a show

10:00 - To bed

Photo courtesy of a 5:30 AM wake up call

Sometimes blogging looks like I want it to: sitting in front of my iMac, in my office (the laundry room), with a quiet house and a hot cup of coffee - ideas pouring from my fingertips. Other times I am scribbling my thoughts in a note book while snuggling a squirmy baby and sipping cold coffee that has already been re-heated three times. Regardless, I feel so grateful every time I push the Publish button and put something else I created out into the world.

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