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Sunriver, OR | September 2021

A family getaway to central Oregon was just what we needed to end the summer! I have three sisters and it is extremely difficult to get us all together on one day, let alone a weekend, around everyone's schedules. But, to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday, we were able to pull it together.

A weekend full of games, bike rides, hikes, laughter, a new study of balloon animals and a lot of Pinot Noir - I couldn't have planned a better time. The house we booked was the perfect size, 6 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms +3 bonus sleeping areas, a game room, more than a dozen bikes, a hot tub and a big dining room table - it was the perfect rental for the weekend. We were also a five minute walk to the Village, where we went for dinner, new games, groceries, bumper cars and train rides.

Since the SHARC center had already closed the outdoor pool for the season, we opted for other outdoor activities. But our kids has the best time running around the house, sleeping in the bunk beds, playing with their cousins and using their imagination to build pine cone cities on the deck. I wouldn't change this family time for anything.

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