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Seaside, OR | June 2021

Where do I even start with Seaside, Oregon? The OG coastal vacation for every kid that grew up in Oregon. You might have gone on a rainy weekend and played at the arcade or played in the many basketball tournaments your team attended. You might have marched up and down the promenade and staked out the swing set for your turn.

We live within an hour and a half of the Oregon coast and Seaside is the perfect place to take little kids. Most rental houses are within a couple blocks of the beach and another couple of blocks to the Prom where you can check out the Seaside aquarium, eat clam chowder at Mo's and visit the arcade and the many gift shops up and down Broadway.

We took our daughter for her third birthday and were blessed with rare sunshine in early June for a day of kite flying and wave jumping. Rain or shine, it is truly one of the best places and the Oregon coast is an amazing place to visit.


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