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Lincoln City, OR | October 2021

Wow - what a weekend. I love the Oregon coast, the weather doesn't even have to be nice and I am content. Always a strong, fresh breeze, always delicious food, and always a good time. This time was particular good. The last weekend of being 30, friends from across the pond and not a minute that wasn't enjoyed.

Lincoln City is known for its outlet mall and its casino and if I am being completely honest, that's the only reason I have visited in the past. But this time, we rented a house on the South end of town and we enjoyed Lincoln City for exactly what it is, a pleasant beach town with beautiful sunsets.

If you are there over a Monday, stop at the public library to hit the used book store. Even though there are a handful of great bookstores along the 101, supporting a local library never hurts!

And don't forget to Mo's Restaurant - you will never go wrong with a bowl of hot clam chowder in a bread bowl. You can watch the seals swim along the bay and walk down the pier. If you are really lucky, you will get a sunset photo that is good enough to brag about.

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