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How decluttering changed my life

Who doesn't want that "I just cleaned my house" feel? Normally it takes me hours to achieve that feeling. But once I decluttered, I realized that I could feel that way all the time.

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Get things off of the floor

With two small kids, we have no shortage of toys and they really like to pull them out all at once - especially if I have picked them up and created a clean surface.

By purchasing large baskets that fit into our storage shelf, I am able to hide and organize the clutter without looking at it constantly. Plus, my three year old can lift them herself which makes teaching clean up much easier!

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Hang simple things on the wall

Before kids, we filled our walls with custom canvas' of our adventurous life. But once we moved into our new house, I was hesitant to hang everything up on the wall. I wanted the walls to feel clean and bright but also cherish those happy memories we have made together. I purchased this pack of gallery frames at Kirkland's and now I can print and change the photos whenever I want. The clean lines and professional touch make the space feel brighter.

Use light colors

When decluttering, I find that if I focus on light and bright colors, my space feels less cluttered with little other change. Using light colors naturally brightens a space - even if there aren't a lot of windows or other natural lighting. Switching out dark colored rugs or drapery for lighter colors can make your space feel cleaner.

Keep your counters clean!

I won't even pretend that I do this successfully. If you are a mom - you know. Every day, things pile on the counters: mail, classroom artwork, un eaten snacks, snack wrappers, crumbs from the snacks, more snacks, small toys that the baby could choke on, baskets of healthy food choices to tempt them away from the other snacks. You get it right? I have been ultra blessed with a lot of counter space in my new kitchen but that means I was also blessed for a lot of space to be cluttered. I have to spend time every week cleaning the counters off but boy, what a difference that makes!

Don't be overwhelmed

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed with clutter. I firmly believe that life comes in seasons. Right now, I am in the season of clutter. I can de clutter and clean and make my space feel less chaotic - but I wouldn't trade our messy space full of sticky hands and laughter for anything. I have to remind myself that this is a season and it will change so soon and I will long for the days when I couldn't keep the counters clean.

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