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A Cabin by the Creek

Saltese, Montana | July 2021

Every year we visit our favorite place on earth: The cabin on Packer Creek. Just 10 miles inside the Montana border on I-90 – is the hidden gem of Saltese, Montana. In an A-Frame cabin tucked down the canyon, so many wonderful memories have been made. It is where we got engaged, where we spend summer afternoons catching frogs and wading in the ice-cold creek, and where we ring in the New Year on snowmobiles.

Surrounded by BLM, there are miles and miles of trails to ride on. This year, we brought our dubbed, “baby-mobile,” and were able to enjoy all the scenic views. Albeit, it did not protect us from the west coast heat wave OR from the powdery flour that floated in from every crack.

I highly suggest investing in battery operated fans to help cool off – they were a lifesaver this trip. It also never hurts to make a pit stop at the gas station in Haugen mid adventure for popsicles and ice-cold drinks!

The drive is about 9 hours (on a good day and with non-cranky kids) from our house in Oregon. We happened to rent a motorhome for the drive this year and follow (unknowingly) the 117-degree heat from the coast inland. Driving through Eastern Washington might have been the most miserable drive we have ever been on. Generator going out from the heat, wildfires, and frustrated babies - we were ready to call it a night after what should have been 6 hours to Coeur d’Alene became 10.

Luckily, a gem of an RV stop, Blackwell Island RV Park, had a few spots left and we were able to park and head straight for the lake to cool off. Dog friendly and 1 bag of ice left in the main office – we made margaritas and relaxed after the longest drive of our life!

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