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A Buckaroo Birthday Party

I can't believe my sweet little man is one year old. In a time when the whole world seems to be falling down around us, he has brought us so much light. In fact, I think he must have known he was born during a pandemic because his smile could cure almost anything, he knew exactly what we needed!

Couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our baby boy, Branch by throwing him a Buckaroo birthday - and man, how fitting. He is so busy, so rowdy, so loud and so happy - a true buckaroo! We served Kirkland pulled pork with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce on Hawaiian buns, cowboy baked beans, honey cornbread, salad, and cupcakes. It was extra special to have the close people around us that have been there while we have been stuck at home and I am so glad that my little guy got to experience a first birthday party, even if it was small!

Since COVID is still prominent, our party was small and instead of catering or purchasing a cake, we did everything at home (with a little Kirkland help). I have linked everything from Amazon and Etsy that I purchased below.

Cowboy sprinkles:


Bandana Cupcake Liners

Inflatable Stick Horses

Cowboy Themed Balloon Garland

Western themed foil decorations

Bandana Pennant Banner

Inflatable Cactus Cooler

Wood grain plastic table cloths

Inflatable Cactus

Inflatable Snakes

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